Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Final purchases of 2012!!

Ok so I went a little crazy with the online sale shopping this month, with the Sales in full swing I simply couldn’t resist treating myself.
To be honest I don’t really enjoy shopping in the heat of the sales as they can be manic and quite stressful. This year  I decided to shop online, now I know online shopping can be a bit hit and miss as things items can sell out in hours, luckily I managed to snap up a few longed for items.

Blazer H&M

Trousers H&M

Blazer H&M
Boots Mango
Statement necklace Ebay
Mongolian fur hand made slippers Ebay

Chanel inspired Tshirt Esty
Shirt Mango
Jeans Mango

Boots and flats Zara


Although I don’t celebrate Christmas there's  something special about this festive season that I really do enjoy, the fashion is insane. Leathers & Furs Chunky with knits, Woolly mittens & Hats, Uggs and Wellingtons.
I love it.  
During this time when I’m not working I find myself snuggled up in bed or on the sofa in warm PJ’s catching up with movies and programmes that I’ve missed throughout the year. Unfortunately for me I won’t be off until 31st of December and I very much doubt that I’ll be going out for the New Year,  I think it will be a night in of pampering and eating mince pies with Madagascan cream Hummmm, Perfect.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Date night in London

Last week I spent much needed time with family and friends in London, This is something that doesn’t happen often so when I do go to London I try to make the most of it.
I have a very large family but sadly we don’t see enough of each other. Last Friday I went for dinner with 3 of my cousins Sherene, Donna and Keisha.
We went to a lovely restaurant on Marlborough St in London called Ping Pong.
This modern and quirky Dim Sum restaurant was just perfect for the occasion.
The food was lovely and fresh with so much to choose from, the dissert was to die for
(I had no choice but to break the diet for the Mango cake)
I even had my very own non alcoholic Cocktail made which was lovely and refreshing.