Saturday, 13 April 2013

Exotic Tribal.

With the summer only a shot distance away I’ve come across some of the most wonderful Exotic Tribal attire. I've always been keen on tribal prints and accessories, I like the materials mix and blends of textures, but what I love most of all is how creative you can be with the Turban!! absolutely anything is acceptable Big Bold, Bright and Fabulous!!
I have noticed that Zara and H&M are also fond of this style and have added some great pieces to their new collections.

Above are a few photos that have given me ideas and inspiration for summer outfits.


Monday, 8 April 2013

Insta Insta, be all about it!!!

1.Happy Monday 2.Vintage Raymond Weil watch 3.Fun and games at work on Easter Sunday 4.Ootd 5.Ootd 6.Quote 6.Lemon tea at Pizza Express 7.Ootd 8.Accessories for the day
1.Hello April 2.Ootd 3.Birthday Flowers 4.Ootd 5.Statement necklace 6.Ootd 7.Seafood Risotto at Zizzi restaurant 8.Quote 9.Vintage Rayban sunglasses

I don't think a day passes without me posting or browsing through instagram (Addicted!) I often lookout for new ideas inspiration and bloggers to follow you'll be surprised at who and what you can actually come across. I've seen and followed a few small businesses selling wonderful vintage piece's, current fashion accessorise and garments. I do believe that if theses types of social sites are used in the correct way brilliant opportunities can arise and wonderful friendships can be made.
Above a  few pictures I have taken over the past few weeks mostly my ootd's and inspirational/uplifting quotes.

If your also Addicted to Insta please send me your links, I'd love to see your pictures

Have a good week lovelies

TTD xx