Thursday, 19 December 2013

New in...

I had no intentions of buying any clothes until the new year but then I spotted the H&M sales online and  soon changed my mind.
I ordered all of the above and all items were £20.00 and less, My order arrived within a week which was a pleasant supervise as previous experience’s with  H&M’s delivery service have been very poor.
I decided to stick with dark and natural colours because they are easy to work with and can be worn with most items in my wardrobe.
The Black biker style jacket and blazers are my favourite purchases, blazers are such  key pieces and I think that every woman should have a few they can be dressed up for the evening or casually worn with Jeans a white T Converse or pumps, I simply love them!!

Saturday, 7 December 2013


I've been M.I.A for the past few month simply because I haven't had the urge or drive to blog.
These few months away form my computer have been much needed. I've been spending so much  time in the office that the last thing I want to do when I get home is to sit in front of my laptop.
I have recently been selling beautiful pieces of jewellery and accessories to friend and family over the past few month which  I've really been enjoying, enjoying so much that I've now opened a shop via  Etsy (link on the side bar)
Ultimate Collections- Beautiful affordable jewellery and accessories for all to enjoy.
You'll get to see the pieces as soon as they become available as they will be featured in OOTD/N posts. so look out for the posts and updates ladies as ill be having lots of Giveaways over the next few months.
its good to be back and I'm looking forward to reading about what you've all been up to


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ramadan Kareem.

Today is the first day of Ramadan the month in which  Muslims from all over the world will fast from sunrise to sunset.  We have breakfast in the morning called (Suhoor) which is just before sunrise and  just after sunset we break the fast with dates and Milk followed by a meal (Iftar) Within our community we usually have meals in the Mosque or at home with family and friends (Its beautiful)
Almost every Muslim will try to give up bad habits and re-frame from doing anything that is unpleasing to God.  During  Ramadan you will find that Muslims spend more time in the mosque praying and reading the Quran, most will try to complete the Quran at least once during this month.
Fasting is intended to teach Muslims self-discipline, restraint and generosity. At the end of Ramadan our community have a huge celebration this is called Eid-ul-fitr, the festival of breaking fasts.
We also have a very interesting programme Rtv,  this was hugely successful last year and had many views on YouTube the programme has three categories which are Knowledge, Inspire and Spotlight Rtv  check it out.

For all of my Muslim readers have a beautiful month, make it beneficial xx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

How do you store yours?

I don't know about you but when the suns out I always find myself having a clear out. I’m in the process of clearing out my closet and selling all of my unwanted items on EBay.
 what I’ve noticed whilst clearing out is how much money I’ve spent/wasted on  ON TREND pieces that will never see the light of day again if left in closet any longer. 
I feel Its better to have few items of good quality than loads of items that you only wear for a season or two.  
I've made a conscious decision to purchase classic pieces in neutral colours, things that ill be able to wear for years to come. Long gone are the days of spending money on something that is ON TREND and looks great on the runway but isn't really practical for my lifestyle. 
I also think that if things are stored and packed away properly, in a way that is easy to see and access you'll wear them more often and find that you buy less.
I currently have a built in wardrobe which holds all of my closes (But not shoes!!) and a chest of draws for my folded items, I removed  the wardrobe doors and replaced them with  a raw sink curtain as I think this gives the room a much softer look. I would love to have a rail with all of my favourite pieces on but that look just doesn't suite the room.  
I know that Ill never have a closet as beautiful as theses but you can take ideas and get inspiration on different ways to store and organise your wardrobe. Hopefully once this is all done ill be able to show you what I've  done with the small space I have.
How do you store you clothes shoes and accessories

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Coffee table decor


I love walking into a living room/lounge and casting my eyes on a beautifully decorated coffee table or book case. Decorating furniture with books and accessories  is something that I have admired for quite a while now I think its a wonderful way to display things without them looking cluttered. I often find myself adding arrange and re-arranging again!! my favourite knickknacks & trinkets I have gained over the years and  collected form my travels.
I think  we have become so caught up with this hole minimalistic look the Less is More approach that rooms can start to become a little bland and boring with not much character. you can find out so much about a person form the books they read and the ornaments they display through out their home.
Above are a few photos of the many ways you can decorate tables making them look fresh and interesting.
How do you display your knickknacks trinkets and favourite books?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Rekindled Love Affair

I’ve rekindled my love affair with braids, especially  Box Braids!
In secondary school I wore braids most of the time but grew out of them by the time i got to  my second year of college. I think it was because I was training to become a hairdresser  learning, experimenting with  so many new style ideas and techniques that braids quickly  became boring. Now they’ve  come back with a Bang this summer.
 I've been thinking about braiding my hair again for a while now not because they are on trend but because there are benefits to wearing braids, believe it or not!
BeyoncĂ© and Solange Knowles are among the many celebrities who are wearing this 90’s retro hairstyle.

For my lovely readers who do not know what Braids are or how they are installed, I’ll give you a brief overview.
Box Braids basically extensions which are platted in with your natural hair to add extra length and thickness. Synthetic hair is normally used to achieve this look(Although Human hair can also be used its your choice) they are often referred to as protective styles she they give your hair a break from the day to day stress that we women often put our hair through. this is what helps with the growth of your hair, you can wear the extensions for up to six weeks, sometimes longer if maintained correctly

you can style and treat them more or less the way you would your natural hair, I love the high bun style the most as its so versatile.

Happy Monday 
TD x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Insta Moments

I love instagram above are a few of my latest photos.
Happy Monday Lovelies

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Get Strapped



River Island


The ankle strapped sandal is back again this summer and I’m so pleased. This style of sandal is one of my all-time favourites, they can automatically add a touch of fabulosity to just about any outfit be it boyfriend jeans and a baggy white T or a classic evening dress. 
I’ve come across a few over the past few weeks mostly from shops like Zara, River Island and Office.
Zara are well known for being able to produce Knock-off items,  the designer Tom Ford recently vented his frustration about Zara  to the Daily Mail. They do say  imitation is the  sincerest form of flattery Tom! 
As much as we would all like to treat ourselves to a pair of your shoes every month and wear other designer garments fresh off the runway, the truth is that  it isn’t going to happen!! 
You can go into just about any high street shop and bag yourself a pair of these versatile Strapped sandals, so come on lovelies let’s get strapped this summer.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Holiday snaps

We've been back for just over a week now and I'm still trying to adjust to the UK weather and times.
Our holiday was amazing!! I seriously don't know why it has taken us so long to return to Jamaica. 
I've been extremely busy over the past few days go back to work and getting ready for my cousins wedding which was on Sunday (post coming soon!!)
Above are a few of my favourite snaps taken whilst in Jamaica..

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Next stop jamaica...

So we made it to Jamaica!! the long awaited holiday I've been telling you all about. We were unsure if we were going to make it and thought that we would have to cancel as my sister came down with chickenpox, but luckily she was given the all clear to travel from the doctor the day before we left.
Today is our 1st day and its been lovely, the hotel is perfect and staff are wonderful. at this point in time I couldn't ask for anything more, a little bit of paradise and just the three of us, my mum sister and I.

Monday, 6 May 2013


I’ve finally invested in a camera *phew* I decided to go for the Nikon L810 I managed to get it  from Currys for £89.99 in the sale, this camera is also available in the  Argos sale for £109.99 and you also get a £10.00 gift voucher when you spend over £100 in the store. It comes in a few colours Blue Red and Mink as always I opted for the back.
The reason for this choice was I wanted something with a wider lens that could take multi shots and wasn’t too big and bulky to carry around, I  also wanted a camera that was good for taking self-portraits and recordings as I really want to start posting OOTD/N  posts again. There are thousands of cameras on the market and most come with a pretty hefty price tag.  I didn’t think I was quite ready spend hundreds of pounds on something that I may not  use to its full potential. If I do find that I really get along with this camera and what further what little knowledge I have in the photography department then I will think about investing in a SLR, but for now I'm more than happy to take snapshots with my new Bridge camera.
I think this will do me just fine!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Exotic Tribal.

With the summer only a shot distance away I’ve come across some of the most wonderful Exotic Tribal attire. I've always been keen on tribal prints and accessories, I like the materials mix and blends of textures, but what I love most of all is how creative you can be with the Turban!! absolutely anything is acceptable Big Bold, Bright and Fabulous!!
I have noticed that Zara and H&M are also fond of this style and have added some great pieces to their new collections.

Above are a few photos that have given me ideas and inspiration for summer outfits.


Monday, 8 April 2013

Insta Insta, be all about it!!!

1.Happy Monday 2.Vintage Raymond Weil watch 3.Fun and games at work on Easter Sunday 4.Ootd 5.Ootd 6.Quote 6.Lemon tea at Pizza Express 7.Ootd 8.Accessories for the day
1.Hello April 2.Ootd 3.Birthday Flowers 4.Ootd 5.Statement necklace 6.Ootd 7.Seafood Risotto at Zizzi restaurant 8.Quote 9.Vintage Rayban sunglasses

I don't think a day passes without me posting or browsing through instagram (Addicted!) I often lookout for new ideas inspiration and bloggers to follow you'll be surprised at who and what you can actually come across. I've seen and followed a few small businesses selling wonderful vintage piece's, current fashion accessorise and garments. I do believe that if theses types of social sites are used in the correct way brilliant opportunities can arise and wonderful friendships can be made.
Above a  few pictures I have taken over the past few weeks mostly my ootd's and inspirational/uplifting quotes.

If your also Addicted to Insta please send me your links, I'd love to see your pictures

Have a good week lovelies

TTD xx

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bid for it.....

If you follow my blog it will come as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Ebay, I’m always searching for treasures and bargains.
I’ve wanted a watch for ages but hadn’t seen anything that I liked, I also wanted something different from what’s “popular” and the blogger favourites like the infamous Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs watches.
I’ve been looking for something timeless and classic.
So when I caught sight of this 30 year old Raymond Weil I knew I may have to get into bidding frenzy to make this Bad Boi mine!!
Eaby can be addictive and I’ve now learnt not to get drawn into the bidding wars (Because you only end up regretting it) With only 4 minutes to go I entered my maximum bid, waited patiently……… And low and behold I won the watch!!
I received the watch as promised this week and I totally love it!! I do need to have a few of the links removed and maybe have it serviced but apart from that the watch is perfect just what I needed.
Now I’m on the hunt for a vintage Louis Vuitton bag fingers crossed ill be just as lucky with finding one as I was with this watch.

 Have a good week guys