Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Hunt for the Neon Necklace.

As you already know I absolutely love statement jewellery, so when I came across this necklace from H&M I had to have it! 
Unfortunately for me I didn't purchased it the first time I saw it in store. I went to H&M today to purchase the necklace only to find out that they had sold  out (as you can imagine I was a little gutted) I checked online contacted H&M customer services and was told that it had been sold out since May.   
I also checked ebay and found many people were selling the neckless with starting bids of around £35.00 most had many bids and prices were as high as £65.00 !! I really liked the necklace but wasn't going buy it at such high prices.
I had finally given up and went back into the store to thank the sales assistant for all her help. She told me that she had found the neckless, the last one but it had a missing neon stone.
After looking at the necklace I knew that I was able to to fix it with no problems, so I bought the necklace and was given a 25% discount.
it took me no longer that 30 minutes to work on this necklace and by the time  I had finished it was perfect. Smiles all round.

 The Missing Stone

DIY Time


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Inspire me...

I put together a few pictures of looks/trends that I really like at the moment, As you can see the turban takes presidents!
Statement rings and necklace's made with colourful beads charms and threads, these beautiful pictures have inspired me to start a new jewellery collection which I will hopefully start making over the next few weeks. I will tell you more about the collection closer to the time as your feedback and input would be much appreciated. 

I hope you've all had a good weekend. x

Monday, 14 May 2012

Statment Rings.

New rings.

I love statement jewellery especially rings, so when I came across theses beautiful rings from Dorothy Perkins a few weeks ago I couldn’t say NO.
With a price tag of only £1.00 how could I. (H&M ring £3.99)
Above are a few instagram pics of my current fave rings, ones Ive mostly been wearing over the past few weeks.

Nikon Vs Canon

I've been thinking of purchasing a new camera for quite a while now, but with so many to choose from this task has become more difficult than expected? I’ve managed to narrow it down to two the Nikon D3200 and the Canon EOS 1100D. I need a camera with a remote as I’m not always able to find someone to take my outfit pictures for me and with my sister going back to Morocco very soon a remote is necessary.
Now I’m no photographer and I don’t see myself taking any photography classes in the near feature, but I do however plan to take a trip to see my beautiful friend Dina (check out Dina's work) who I must say is fantastic when it comes to photography.  I’m hoping that she will give me a few tips pointers and teach me the all important Do’s and Don'ts  when taking photos so that hopefully my work will be almost as good as Dina's...(wishful thinking!!!).

I’m interested to know what types of cameras you guys use and why. What do you look for when purchasing a camera? Are prices and brands important to you? Is it all about the lenses of the camera or the person behind it when it comes to taking those all important pic’s?

Friday, 11 May 2012

A Black & White Day.

Blazer-H&M. Dress-Wearhouse. Sandals-Zara. Scarf-Gift. Neckless-Wearhoues

With no work today I decided to try to make the most of the good weather and take a trip to Cromer Beach.(not that anything went to plan) after realising that my cars MOT had run out more then 3 days ago!! my beach trip would have to be put on hold. I just managed to book my car in at the local garage for its MOT, which sadly failed due to two rear faulty break lights, luckily that was all. Five hours later I had my car back but the best of the day had gone so I decided to take a few snaps of what I wore today.