Friday, 15 June 2012

More than 1 way to wear a turban

When people  ask me how I  wrap my scarf my response is always the same,  Its so easy!! so I have linked below a video of how it can be done. The thing I most love about wearing my scarf  in this way is that it turns out different every time, your able to play with the scarf until you achieve your desired look. The scarfs are so easy to come by and are not very expensive unless you choose to wear silk scarfs. I usually buy my mine from Tk Max, H&m, Zara or Primark. 
So if you've been thinking about trying this style you should go for it. 
There are so many beautiful scarfs to choose from you'll be silly not to. If you do decide to give it a go please let me know how you got on. Have fun with it x


  1. Loved how you tied the orange turban <3
    Too bad Turbans doesn't suit me :/

    1. Thank you. i used to think that they didn’t suit me!! but anyone can wear one honestly you should give it a got i bet it will look Fab on you xx

  2. Nice blog keep it in this way!

  3. love it, nice blog

  4. Inspiring I love turbans especially for a bad hairday! Thank you for your comment X Soraya