Monday, 30 April 2012

Enjoying the Sunshine.

We've had such lovely weather today I decided to make the most of it and go to the park, something I rarely get to do.
I decided to wear my scarf in the style of a turban for the first time and I loved it! This is a style i will definitely wear again.

What do you think guys, Yay or Nay for the turban?

Scarf-La redoute *Denim shirt-H&M *Trousers-H&M *Shoes-Topshop *Jewellery-H&M *Sunglasses-Ray.Ban

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Missing Dina.

These pictures were taken by my lovely friend Dina, who sadly for me moved away to study in France. Dina is Fantastic when it comes to photography. Hopefully I will meet with Dina soon so we can drink tea, eat biscuits and take beautiful photos.

*Shoes-Bertie *Blazer-Zara *Bag-Gift  *Skirt-Vintage *Belt-Versace *Bracelet Topshop *Ring-Accessorize

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Time to Decorate

I’ve been thinking about redecorating my room for a while now, after weeks of consideration I've finally decided to take the plunge!! I really don't know how and when I'll fit this around working studying and making jewellery? but I'll give it a shot.

 I’m thinking of classic white walls as this will make the room seem bigger and give a fresh feel. Below are a few pictures of what has inspired me.

The one thing I MUST HAVE is this invisible chair!!

My biggest issue is storage, not enough space for shoes bags or accessories.
 So many things and No space to put them!!
I’ve been reading lots of blogs and have come across some really Cool and interesting storage ideas especially for Jewellery.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ladies. x 

I'm hoping to have my room completed by the end of May so will keep you all updated on my progress.xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Reidzz Fatima Collection

I absolutely Love jewellery and have done so for quite sometime. I enjoy buying it wearing it, making it and selling it!
So when I came across these Fatima charms in various beautiful colours shapes and sizes I had to purchase them.

The charms are said to protect the wearer from the evil eye.
Depending on the religion the Hand of Fatima / Hasma also represents the Five Pillars of Islam for Muslims.
 Jews believe the hand represents the five books of the Torah.

The bracelets are available to purchase, so if you are interested please email me.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pastel Colours.

Spring has finally arrived !! So I’ve pack away my winter boots and woollen jumpers, YAY!!.  
This spring Pastel colours and colour blocking is everywhere!!!!! From clutch bags, nail varnishes and lipsticks you name it, its Pastel.
 Below are just a few pieces that I spotted in local high street stores and on the catwalks. I hope these few snaps inspire you to embrace this fresh spring trend of girlie lace smooth silks and cool cottons.
Phillip Lim, Ralph Lauren and Prada Spring 2012 collections
Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012

Crystal Heels.

Crystal and rhinestone embellished heels have become very popular over the past few months. With designers such as Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti creating fabulous shoes.
                                                             Christian Louboutin

Guiseppe Zanotti
I’m such a Gok fan even if I do say so myself. A few months ago he customised a clutch bag and a pair of suede shoes,  they looked brilliant he made it look so simple that  I decided to give it a go myself.
I checked out a few YouTube channels just to get an idea of the types of tools and or materials that would be needed.
 *Shoes * E6000 Glue * Small pick this is used to place the stones in position *I also used a syringe this helped when gluing * Rhinestone beads or studs of your choice
 I didn’t sketch a design as all the stones used were the same colour. I carefully glued  small sections at a time waited a few seconds for the glue to become tacky and carefully placed the stones in position.
 I continued until the shoe was complete. I left the glue to dry and the stones to set for 48 hours.

There are many companies who customise shoes and trainers for a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to purchase a designer pair and the shoes are just as beautiful.

MUA cosmetics

I  recently come across Mua Cosmetics in my local Superdrug.
The products are more than great value for money, with everything at just £1.00 we can all enjoy the fresh and funky nail varnishes vibrant lipsticks and blushes.
I found that I only needed two coats of nail varnish. The blush stayed on for most of the day  as with the lipstick.
Mua will defiantly have something for everyone to enjoy and at such amazing prices we can all add a little MUA to are lives.


Firstly I have to apologise for being such a bad blogger, I havent had the time to keep up with my posts as I have been traveling for the past few weeks,  I have spent time in Spain and now I am in Beautiful Morocco. I come to Morocco every year and each trip seems more beautiful than the time before.
I will be back in Norwich next week :-( and will update you on my trips wonderful findings and idea's.

The summer sales have arrived.

I promised myself that I was only going to buy what I needed and NOT what I wanted!!!!......(that soon went out the window)  I came across these Zara wedges that I have wanted for quite  some time.
I tried many times to get them but cold never find my size, The day the Zara sales started I thought that I would give it one more go and if they still didn't have them it just wasnt supposed to be. With luck on my side I purchased the shoes online  for £29.99 smiles all round.
I popped into Zara to see is they had the beige ones in my size (now pushing my luck) only to find that they are selling the black wedges in store for £39.99 and not £29.99.
These little babies were meant to be mine. x

Inspirational Fashion Bloggers

I happened to come across a fantastic blogger by the name of Karla who has been blogging since April 2008.
Her outfits seem to be effortlessly put together and very, very chic.
Women like Karla are an inspiration to new bloggers like myself. Karla isn’t afraid to experiment with amazing vintage pieces even if that means carrying out her own alterations.
She has her own online store, if your quick you may be able to snap up one of her many items for sale.
Recently I mentioned her in a tweet and believe it or not she fund the time to tweet back ........god I sound like such a groupie !!  :-)

This particular post will be on going, when discover bloggers who are inspirational to me I will update you accordingly.

Hello Mr. Colour Block

Colour blocking is big news this season; designers such as Gucci, Jil Sander and Christopher Kane have set the trend and introduced the fashion would to this new vibrant style.
This isn’t hard to achieve, the way to colour block is to match similar tones in dramatically different colours.
Beginners try colour combinations like magenta with deep purple or teal with azure blue.
Pink and red shouldn't work together, but in a similar tone, they can look great.
If this is all a little too overwhelming for you, you can always mix colours with neutral shades like white, nude and black.
This fashion statement will make you stand out in the crowd.
Karen Millen

 ICE Watch

Cambridge Satchel