Wednesday, 27 June 2012

In the safe lane.


Whilst going through my clothes trying to decide what to pack for my short break to Spain (total headache) I realised that I've been playing it far to safe for quite some time when it comes to colour. 
This bad habit is something that I’m trying to get out of but as we all know bad habits die hard.I thought I'd share with you some of my fave scarf’s shoes and accessories. Well fave of the moment as they change from time to time. 
When it comes to my scarf’s I find that I play with colour a lot more and this is something that I intend to do when it comes to my clothes. 

Every year my family and I go to Granada which is so beautiful (I will bolg about the trip once I return) 
The SALES have started and for some reason I always find shopping in Spain is much more enjoyable than anywhere else, I always find better bargins. My 1st stop will be ZARA then Massimo Dutti....  hopefully I will find a few lovely items that will inject the colour that is needed in my wardrobe.

Are you anything like me you Love colour but always seem to stay in the safe lane??
Get back to me ladies I would love to read your views.  


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