Monday, 4 February 2013

Wedding Bells

With Christmas and new years well and truly over we’re all getting back into the swing of things (the good old boring stuff)

So it was a wonderful surprise when my cousin announced that she’ll be getting married this June. 
JUNE 2013!!! she’s going to plan a wedding for around 200 people in less than 6 months? 

Now I know you can have package weddings when everything is done for you, you choose from a set menu  set colour theme and table decors etc. After browsing wedding books and many magazines I found myself taking notes from the couples who had 1920's styled weddings which look simply magical I much preferred the weddings of couples who had done most of the work themselves from the favours to DIY vintage brooch bouquets and edible lace on the wedding cake.
I love like the idea of adding your own personal touches. (The more DIY the better) 

I truly believe that in most cases Less so much More when it comes to that special day.

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