Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Morocco Morocco...

I recently took a well needed  trip to Morocco to visit my mum and sister. I flew from Gatwick airport which has completely changed I couldn’t believe it!! the airport now has some of my favourite shops :-)  I  didn’t buy any clothes as I only travelled with hand luggage this time. I did pop into MAC and grabbed myself Viva glam 1 which I've been wanting for the longest time, another lipstick to add to my growing collection and a bottle of Chanel Chance.
 It’s been two years since my last trip and the country was even more beautiful than I remembered. My mum and sister live in a small town called Larache they live 15 minute's away from the sea which is simply amazing, you also have a wonderful view of the sea from the roof of my mothers roof, this is where we spent most mornings having a giggle over a pot of mint tea.

I spent most of the time in Morocco relaxing and spending quality time with mum. I  had a go at embroidery for the first time which was pretty cool, I’m still working on the makeup bag so I’ll show you it as soon as I’m done. we also had the most amazing lunches which were prepared by the cook, fresh fruit fish and lovely salads, Bliss!!
I didn’t really shop during this trip but picked up a few new head scarfs for the spring  and a beautiful real leather satchel for just £12.00 this offer was too good to turn down!!
I didn't take many pictures on this trip as the camera on iPhone is not working :-( 
Now I'm  back I'm feeling positive clear headed and ready to start new projects, with that being said have you seen the new Jewellery that has arrived in my shop?? check out Ultimate Collections in the side bar.
what have you all be up to over the past few weeks? Do you have any exciting new ventures underway?? 

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