Thursday, 16 January 2014


I had the day off of work yesterday and decided to meet my cousin in the city to have a catch up over tea and cakes in M&S, after indulging in scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam  we soon found ourselves browsing the shops. We ended up at the MAC counter in Jarrolds, I’ve been thinking about purchasing an everyday lipstick for quite a while now but with so many to choose from this can sometimes becoming a little over whelming.
The manager in MAC was fabulous it’s almost as if she knew exactly what I needed without having to ask.
The first lipstick she applied was an instant keeper this is the Double shot which I purchased, I also tried the Half and half lipstick which I will probably buy next. I spent an hour in MAC the manager showed me what were the best eye shadows for my skin tone and also touched on contouring and highlighting.
By the time we left MAC I looked and felt like a New Woman!! (The power of makeup) I can now fully understand how and why women become obsessed with makeup and for some why they will not leave the house without it.
I’m interested to know what  MAC products your currently using especially eye shadows and lipsticks.



  1. My everyday go to lipstick has to be Craving.. It's like a dark-ish pink and just goes with everything! xx

  2. What lipstick is that?

    I love MAC products.

    My favorite lipsticks so far from them that I have are Rebel and Heroine.

    xo, N