Sunday, 15 April 2012

The summer sales have arrived.

I promised myself that I was only going to buy what I needed and NOT what I wanted!!!!......(that soon went out the window)  I came across these Zara wedges that I have wanted for quite  some time.
I tried many times to get them but cold never find my size, The day the Zara sales started I thought that I would give it one more go and if they still didn't have them it just wasnt supposed to be. With luck on my side I purchased the shoes online  for £29.99 smiles all round.
I popped into Zara to see is they had the beige ones in my size (now pushing my luck) only to find that they are selling the black wedges in store for £39.99 and not £29.99.
These little babies were meant to be mine. x

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