Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bid for it.....

If you follow my blog it will come as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Ebay, I’m always searching for treasures and bargains.
I’ve wanted a watch for ages but hadn’t seen anything that I liked, I also wanted something different from what’s “popular” and the blogger favourites like the infamous Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs watches.
I’ve been looking for something timeless and classic.
So when I caught sight of this 30 year old Raymond Weil I knew I may have to get into bidding frenzy to make this Bad Boi mine!!
Eaby can be addictive and I’ve now learnt not to get drawn into the bidding wars (Because you only end up regretting it) With only 4 minutes to go I entered my maximum bid, waited patiently……… And low and behold I won the watch!!
I received the watch as promised this week and I totally love it!! I do need to have a few of the links removed and maybe have it serviced but apart from that the watch is perfect just what I needed.
Now I’m on the hunt for a vintage Louis Vuitton bag fingers crossed ill be just as lucky with finding one as I was with this watch.

 Have a good week guys


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