Saturday, 16 March 2013

DIY Crystal flower arrangement

Beautiful flower arrangements are something that I've always been keen on but have never felt comfortable with paying extreme amounts of money for someone to arrange flowers that will only last 6-8 days. 
I've never even thought about giving it a go myself because they always looked so difficult to achieve until I came across This Channel on youtube is when I realised that the arrangements are not that difficult at all there are many that are, but anyone can make a small chic flower arrangement for the mantelpiece or your bedside table
I didn't have a clue how this arrangement was going to turn out so I didn't splash out when it came to purchasing the flowers.

This arrangement is far from perfect but I did enjoy making it and now I know how easy and inexpensive it can be to arrange your own flowers I'll definitely be making many many more. 

*flowers-Morrisons reduced to £1.55 
*Glass-Vase The Range £3.99
*Crystal stickers-Poundland £1.00

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