Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Style Crush.

My latest style crush is the gorgeous Miroslava Duma. when I came across this  Russian beauty on instagram I was immediately drawn to her incredible style. She's by far  the favourite of  my style crushes.
Miroslava 25, a freelance writer for Tatler OK magazine and Glamour and also a mother to her one year old son.
She loves nothing more than a statement making necklace and isn't afraid to mix classic ladylike pieces with  the bold and gearing, she pulls them off exceptionally well. Often seen rocking some of the most amazing pieces by Chanel Mani and Hermes (the list is endless) If had to pick one persons wardrobe  to have a peek at  Miroslava would be the  top of my list.


  1. I actually have a post in route with her amazingness! I especially love her because she's petite and so am I, so she's a huge inspiration! Thank you for sharing! I love love love her. Great blog! ;}