Sunday, 16 June 2013

Get Strapped



River Island


The ankle strapped sandal is back again this summer and I’m so pleased. This style of sandal is one of my all-time favourites, they can automatically add a touch of fabulosity to just about any outfit be it boyfriend jeans and a baggy white T or a classic evening dress. 
I’ve come across a few over the past few weeks mostly from shops like Zara, River Island and Office.
Zara are well known for being able to produce Knock-off items,  the designer Tom Ford recently vented his frustration about Zara  to the Daily Mail. They do say  imitation is the  sincerest form of flattery Tom! 
As much as we would all like to treat ourselves to a pair of your shoes every month and wear other designer garments fresh off the runway, the truth is that  it isn’t going to happen!! 
You can go into just about any high street shop and bag yourself a pair of these versatile Strapped sandals, so come on lovelies let’s get strapped this summer.

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  1. still not getting everyone's obsession with the thin strapped heels but hey ho!