Sunday, 7 July 2013

Coffee table decor


I love walking into a living room/lounge and casting my eyes on a beautifully decorated coffee table or book case. Decorating furniture with books and accessories  is something that I have admired for quite a while now I think its a wonderful way to display things without them looking cluttered. I often find myself adding arrange and re-arranging again!! my favourite knickknacks & trinkets I have gained over the years and  collected form my travels.
I think  we have become so caught up with this hole minimalistic look the Less is More approach that rooms can start to become a little bland and boring with not much character. you can find out so much about a person form the books they read and the ornaments they display through out their home.
Above are a few photos of the many ways you can decorate tables making them look fresh and interesting.
How do you display your knickknacks trinkets and favourite books?

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